About me

Hey! My name is Michael Nemchick, and I’m excited about sharing all I know and gaining so much from what you all know too! I came to NYU by way of Los Angeles, where I lived for the last four years or so. I grew up in a small beach town in Maryland before all that.

I love all cinema but especially individual directors and eras. My focus, if I were to have one, would be more auteurist leaning. Ingmar Bergman, Woody Allen, Joe Swanberg, Terrence Malick, Noah Baumbach, and Paul Thomas Anderson are just a few of the names that go a long way with me! I have a fascination with New German Cinema, Mumblecore, Dogme95, or any and all 1960s and ’70s European or American features.

My hope for all that is to come this year is a broad one. I want to learn and end up closer to where I need to be by the end of it. There is no limit to the amount I’d like to learn. Everything is good. Everything is needed.