Alternative Theory

One Direction: Gendered Gaze and the Boy Band Construction of Fandom

an Alternative Theory

For someone unfamiliar with the world of One Direction and the fandom which surrounds the band, understanding the significance thereof could understandably be a little difficult. My Alternative Theory attempts to ease any boy band layman into a comfortable and enjoyable relationship with the band and the media they engage in. The world of social media and promotional appearances on talk shows are major tools in the arsenal of any scholar seeking to understand more about the band, so, for that exact reason, they find a home within my video mash-up.

In the end, I do not want to ruin the experience of taking the video in as I intend it to be. I hope such experiences serve as a sort of hypnosis that mirrors, first and foremost, my own personal initiation into One Direction fandom. The soothing first sounds of one particular song, given the proper distance and framing, will hopefully speak to everyone in the class once they open their eyes to the world just in front of them—marked forever by this band from the UK who changed the world just a tiny bit.



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